Age of Light _ Blood Red _ txt Novel Paradise


Mommy, no! I want to sleep with you and protect you, or that deceiver will take you away! Yu Le chose some light food with a plate, as well as two strings of fragrant roast squid and a string of roast chicken wings, which were burnt outside and tender inside. Ye Yang followed closely, clapping his hands and trying to bargain. Miss Yu, may I have a dance with you? "No, you can't.". This uncle, my mother has only one regular partner tonight, and that's me. Sorry, as a gift, I invite you to eat my favorite roast squid and roast chicken wings. There are many on the table. You can eat whatever you want. If you can't eat enough, you can take it home as a midnight snack. "Beautiful Miss Yu, you are a solo show tonight. May I have the honor to ask you to dance?" Uncle, Mommy will never dance with any other boy except me. I think you are very handsome. Do you also want to eat roast squid and roast chicken wings? Then go quickly. Five or six well-dressed young men came one after another and wanted to invite Yu Le to dance, but they were all sent away by Ye Yang on the pretext of "inviting them to eat roast squid and roast chicken wings". Of course, Yu Le really does not want to dance with these strange men, she is not a publicity person, to attend the dinner is to open the popularity. Standing in the distance has been watching their night Haoyu showed an evil smile, suddenly thought, ha ha! The little rascal is possessive. If one day he takes away Yu Le,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, will the little rascal still laugh so innocently. Mother and son sat down to drink some juice milk drinks, eat something, night vibration began to bring over the six major shareholder family introduction. The six old men who held the shareholders' meeting in the morning all came and praised the small gift sent by the night ocean. Yu Le was very beautiful tonight. The gift that Ye Yang gave them was the old opera record of a country, which was newly listed. The old man was very old and very nostalgic. Of course, he liked it very much. When Yeyang was surrounded by the great granddaughters and granddaughters of the six old men's families, and could not cope with them, Yu Le had no little caretaker, and was naturally invited by Xiao Lin to dance half a dance. Those little girls are really enthusiastic and troublesome. Since the three-year-old girl of the Li family came forward to kiss Ye Yang,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, the little girls began to compete to see who could kiss him more times! Ye Yang has only been with one member of the opposite sex since he was a child. Khan, it's still Mommy, okay. Never seen so many super fierce little girls, he remembered the words on TV, "Men are not allowed to hit women." Not daring to push them away with Tai Chi Kung Fu, he could only be pushed against the wall passively, and then the little girls ate all the tofu. He was so anxious that he shouted, "Mommy, come and save me.." If it's too late, I'll be taken away by someone else, and I won't be your boyfriend! Tonight, Xiao Lin looked at Yu Le with a special and hot look in his eyes. He drank some champagne. When he was close to speaking, there was a faint smell of apple cotton and champagne in his mouth. He had never been in love before. He didn't know how to express it. He would say repeatedly, "Lele, you are so beautiful today." Looking at his red and handsome face, Time Delay Tap ,stainless steel squatting pan, the strong discharge of his eyes made people feel that there was sand in his eyes. Yu Le said with concern, "Xiao Lin, are you a little drunk?"? After a while, the song will be over. You go to have a rest. At the end of the music, Xiao Lin nodded excitedly and said, "Then I'll listen to you.". Go to rest. When Yu Le went to look for Ye Yang, a very handsome mixed-race young man came face to face. She knew him. He was Lu Ziqi, a senior barrister hired by the group with a high salary. Lv Ziqi is 29 years old this year. He is unmarried. His mother is from D country and his father is from a country. His skin is white and clean. His face is a little Europeanized. He has a strong three-dimensional sense of five views. He has two sword eyebrows, sunken eye sockets, a very high nose, a slightly pointed chin and vermilion lips. He looks like Keanu, a big star. Reeves It is a single noble who will attract the attention of women wherever he goes. Last year, Yu Le encountered an economic lawsuit when he controlled and operated the branch of Dongye Group in a foreign country. Ye Zhen asked Lu Ziqi to defend himself and won the lawsuit within half a month. Lu Tzu-chi is very knowledgeable in the field of law, and unlike other lawyers who specialize only in one field, he specializes in economic cases, murder cases, civil cases, and so on. As long as he is interested in a case, no matter how big or small, and how much the lawyer's fee is, he will win next. His noble professional sentiment, excellent professional skills and excellent reputation have made him one of the top ten famous lawyers in a country at such a young age (the list of lawyers is a composite index, including income). Volume 1 16 Rival A Lu Ziqi and Yu Le are alumni of Dongan University. They majored in law and have a doctorate degree. They are Yu Le's brothers. Yu Le once laughed at himself and said, "I have no face to say that I came out of Dongan University because of my unmarried pregnancy." "You can now run more than a dozen medium-sized companies independently through practice, which is better than many students sitting in class and reading dead books in Dongan University," he said disapprovingly. Both of them have gone to the upper class because of their own struggle, so they communicate together, have a common language, and appreciate each other. Lv Ziqi, dressed in a beige suit, looked like a beautiful tree facing the wind. He praised her without stint and said, "School sister, you are very beautiful tonight. You are the absolute queen of the dance." "Yuck!"! Senior, why don't you let me go with your golden mouth? Lv Ziqi raised his eyebrows and smiled, showing his beautiful white teeth. He said, "I just saw Yeyang Baby playing happily with dozens of children over there. Don't worry. Uncle is watching him over there." He pointed to the southeast corner of the hall. Yu Le saw his father Yu Haiming sitting there, eating and looking at a pile of children in the corner, thinking that the baby must be there, and it would be all right if his father looked at him. Who looked at the baby, there is no father and night father-in-law to look at her at ease. Lv Ziqi kindly reminded: "Well, school sister, don't put your mind on a man." Yu Le looked at him with strange eyes. Lv Ziqi thought she had misunderstood and said with a smile, "I mean, don't put your mind on the little man tonight.". You are so charming that if you don't dance with me, I will be jealous of the baby. Come on, leave Toa. I haven't danced for seven years. Wait a minute, I step on your foot,stainless steel shower tray, you do not cry pain, ha ha ha, who called so many people I know you only one of the opposite sex! 。

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